Faculty Staff Support for RU-1st Students

Do you want to give back to the Rutgers community with service by inspiring college students with a unique experience?

Student Access and Educational Equity (SAEE) invites you to be a part of a network of faculty and staff who identify as first generation in alliance with the RU-1ST Initiative. RU-1ST's mission seeks to raise graduation and retention rates by providing support to students who are from historically underrepresented groups.

By joining us and showing your involvement and support, you help:

  • Shape the Rutgers student experience
  • Create a network that understands what it means to be first-generation students
  • Commit to seeing others succeed, regardless of their circumstance 

Upon accepting this invitation, we’d love to feature you on our website RU1.rutgers.edu and hear more about the resources you can provide students. Please feel free to reach out for more information by emailing us at RU1st@rutgers.edu.

To share your status as a first-generation college student and show support for RU-1st, you can request an RU-1st placard featuring your picture to display on your door or office by completing this form here.